The five make
a difference

Something to go with every taste

Tangy, creamy, fresh – the HENDERSON & SONS dips are not only the perfect classic accompaniment for tasty tortilla chips, but are also the perfect side dish for a barbecue or other meal. The different dips add a special twist to every snack and complete the taste sensation. Tasty dips to sink your teeth into.

Chunky Salsa

The fiery tomato and pepper dip with jalapeños, chillies and onions (2250g).


So creamy and piquant and with a fine, savoury taste. Volume: 300 g / 1000 g

Hot Salsa

The hot and spicy flavour for a very special dip sensation. Volume: 315 g / 1000 g  


Creamy avocado flavour – a real classic Mexican dip. Volume: 300 g / 1000 g


Wonderfully aromatic with a pleasant smoky flavour—perfect enjoyment on all accounts (contents 330g).

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